High speed internet for your business

You depend on the internet to keep your business running, and starting at only $70/mo with speeds up to 1G, we can help you keep your business connected with business grade internet.

Why Fiber Internet

When you want your business to run smoothly, you will need reliable high-speed internet. At TelXP, we understand exactly what you are looking for, that’s why we offer stable business-grade internet solutions.  We connect businesses of all sizes to blazing fast internet with 99.999% uptime. Even better, we can customize our service to meet your specific needs.

99% Reliablity

Know you will be connected when it matters.


20x Faster

Upload speed compared to cable.


Unlimited Internet Data

Stream, browse, and game all day—with no data caps.

Ready to upgrade your business internet?


Asked Questions

What are download and upload internet speeds?

Each internet plan has a minimum download and upload speed.

  • Download speeds are the rate which you receive data from the internet through your wifi gateway to the device you’re using.
  • Upload speeds are the rate you send data from your device back through your gateway and back out to the internet.

Is there a data cap on the business internet service?

Nope! There are no data caps on our business internet service.

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